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Info for CMU Students

Why should I join Project Ignite?

Joining Project Ignite will give you an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve worked hard in and out of classes to acquire. By becoming a project advisor and leading a group of high schoolers, you will impart upon them your expertise, enthusiasm, and love of learning, helping inspire them to continue the pursuit of their dreams. This is a fun opportunity to do something unique and creative, and help improve the Pittsburgh community in the process.

What kind of experience do I need?

Since Project Ignite is an interdisciplinary program, we have no specific set of requirements for the project advisors. We are looking for students of all majors and backgrounds who are excited to share their interests with high school students.

Having prior experience working on self managed projects and/or with high school students is beneficial, but is by no means required. You should be prepared to work closely with at least one other project advisor, as well as with your group of high school students, offering them guidance and support along the way.

Finally, the creative and exploratory nature of this program requires a high level of flexibility on the part of everyone involved, so come prepared to quickly adapt to changes and put your problem solving skills to the test.

What is the time commitment?

Our year is currently broken up into two major parts. During the fall, we focus on project advisor training and preparation, project brainstorming and planning, and high school recruitment. It is expected that you attend all meetings and training sessions that occur during this period.

During the spring semester, the majority of our time is spent preparing for, running, and reflecting upon the weekly workshops with the high school students. Workshops occur almost every Sunday, from 1-4pm on CMU's campus. It is expected that you attend all workshops and meetings, and dedicate additional time towards preparation for each workshop.

Overall, we expect that you will commit approximately 6 hours a week towards Project Ignite.

Info for High School Students

Why should I join Project Ignite?

  • Pursue a project outside the scope of typical schoolwork with mentorship from college students.

  • Explore an existing interest that you haven't yet had the opportunity to delve into.

  • Broaden your horizons and gain exposure to a field you may have never heard of.

  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

  • Gain hands-on project experience.

  • Increase your awareness of interests for following future paths (college and/or professional).

  • Improve time-management and budgeting skills.

  • Learn to work as a team.

What projects can I do?

When applying to Project Ignite, students will have two options. The first is the option to propose their own project based on their own interests and the skills of our project advisors. The second is to apply to a "project category", which is a general theme put together by our project advisors.

Regardless of which option students choose, they will be in the driver's seat, dictating the direction, process, and final outcome of the project. Examples of past projects can be found here. For current project categories, check out the general application below.

Who are the Project Advisors?

 Click here for more info about our Project Advisors.

What is the time commitment?

There will be ten project workshops over the course of the spring semester beginning in January and ending in April. The workshops take place almost every Sunday from 1-4pm, and students should expect to dedicate some time outside of the workshops to research and workshop preparation. For more details, check out our nifty calendar!