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Project Archive 2016

Project Archive: Spring 2016

Neuroscience Experimentation

Project advisors Adam Dickter and Miranda Munoz worked with their group to explore the basics of neuroscience and neuroscience experimentation. After covering the basics, they devised their own experiment to test theories on conditioning.


The idea for this project was proposed by one of our high school students on his application, and was taken up by Jacob Neumann, Alex Jackson, and Aiko Kyle. Inspired by a video of a small hologram projector for smartphones, they sought to build upon that principle and create a large scale hologram projector that incorporated some additional features as well!

iphone app for charity

Another student proposed project, Ashley Wong and Jonathan Merrin worked with their group to program an iOS app. The students wanted to create a game, then use the revenue to support a local charity. Starting with no programming experience, they were able to create a basketball game using the Swift language.

chemistry/biology experimentation

After studying some of the basic principles of chemistry and biology experimentation, this group, headed by David Vinson and Manali Banerjee, conducted experiments of their own. The first worked to extract various chemicals, such as caffeine and nicotine, from natural sources. After doing so, they the neural responses of earthworms when exposed to these various chemicals.

Point & click mystery game

Guided by Sara Adkins, Bryce Summers, and Grant Schwabacher, this group sought to blend art and programming to create a point and click mystery game. They started by learning computer programming basics in the Processing language, and built everything from the ground up.

programming a minecraft server

Students in this group worked together to create their own server for the popular game Minecraft. Ben Kaplan, Yi Yang, and Jonathan Merrin worked with the group to cover using Skript to program the details for the search and destroy game. They also discussed the business management and advertising aspects of creating a server.

quad academy

Using a quadrotor design prototyped by project advisors Kevin Apolo and Danielle Hu, this group explored the principles of quadrotor design, then built their own quadrotors. Starting with part selection, they ordered the individual components, then glued, screwed, and soldered their way to completion.